Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen
Rigshospitalet Nyhavn Øresundbro Lund Lund Lund


Rigshospitalet is Denmark’s largest hospital and is a major centre for patient treatment, research, development, and training. Rigshospitalet has national and regional responsibilities within nearly all medical specialties. The hospital has about 1,100 beds and there are more than 60,000 inpatients and 400,000 outpatient visits annually. About 7,400 individuals are employed at the hospital.

Rigshospitalet is part of The Capital Region of Denmark, Region Hovedstaden, one of five administrative units in Denmark. The Region provides healthcare, mental care, regional development, research, and additional services for over 1.6 million people – approximately 30% of the population of Denmark.

The Perfusion Department is part of the Thoracic Anaesthesiology Clinic. The clinic performs 1,800 open-heart surgeries annually in seven operating rooms at Rigshospitalet.

Our group is comprised of eleven perfusionists and one student, including five perfusionists who are specialized in paediatric perfusion.

  • 1995: The first Paediatric Perfusion Course was held at Rigshospitalet and was organized by Anne-Marie Kjersem. The course was started as an effort to share knowledge and experience in the specialty of paediatric perfusion with our colleagues in Scandinavia and Europe as well as to provide additional education for students pursuing a career in paediatric perfusion.
  • 1997-1999-2001-2003-2006: Other Paediatric Perfusion Courses were held at almost 2 years of intervals. Courses have been scheduled in connection with the curriculum of the first perfusion school in Denmark that time, the Scandinavian School for Cardiovascular Technology today.
  • 2006: Course was renamed “European Paediatric Perfusion Course” in an effort to increase the number of active participants in our programme and include our paediatric perfusion colleagues from all of Europe.
  • 2008-2010-2012: The European Paediatric Perfusion Course has received recognition as an international meeting, allowing the opportunity for all perfusionist participants of the course to receive 8 recertification points. We will work to continuously be able to offer you those recertification grades each time you will participate in our event.

    At the last 3 events we were happily helped by our perfusionists colleagues from Great Ormond Street Hospital, London UK.
  • 2016: For the coming edition in 2016, we accepted the invitation of our perfusionist colleagues from Skåne University Hospital, Lund, Sweden, to organize the event together. We decided to name our event The Scandinavian Pediatric Perfusion Meeting.

Paediatric Cardiac Centre in Lund, Sweden

Since 1 January 2010, Malmö and Lund, Sweden, have one new collective university hospital, Skåne University Hospital. In 2013 Region Skåne re-organized. Skåne University Hospital merged with the Primary care in the south west of Skåne and became a new organization: Skåne University Healthcare.

Cardiac operations for children have been performed in Lund since 1953. The first operation using the Heart and lung machine was carried out in 1960. In the early days it was only simple congenital conditions that were repaired and often only palliative. Cardiac repair for complicated heart failures and on the smallest children was associated with high risk and many children were not offered any treatment at all.

National Pediatric Heart Centre
Since 1992, Lund is one of Sweden's two national centres for Paediatric cardiac surgery with a population base of approximately 5 million people. Paediatric cardiac surgery is a separate section within the paediatric heart centre at Skåne University Hospital in Lund, with access to paediatric intensive care and surgical resources.


Organizing and Scientific Committee

  • Marx Runge ECCP, perfusionist, University Hospital Lund, Sweden
  • Krokström Ann-Katrin ECCP, perfusionist, University Hospital Lund, Sweden
  • Cristian Talmaciu ECCP, perfusionist, Rigshospitalet Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Jens Steensgaard ECCP, perfusionist, Rigshospitalet Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Morten Helvind MD, Consultant Peadiatric Cardiac Surgeon, Rigshospitalet Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Jens Johansson Ramgren MD, Consultant Peadiatric Cardiac Surgeon, University Hospital Lund, Sweden
  • Lars Willy Andersen MD, DMSC, consulting anaesthetist, Rigshospitalet Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Valeria Perez de Sa MD, consulting anaesthetist, University Hospital Lund, Sweden